Do I need to be local?

Not necessarily. We work in a way that enables us to look after all our clients admin and paperwork online via the internet. And naturally this allows our clients to be located anywhere. Providing you are happy for meetings to be held via Skype, we are happy to work with you. Naturally, being a northern business, most of our clients are located close enough to meet in person, whether that means them coming to us, or us going to them. We even provide access to our diaries via this website, so you can easily setup a meeting that suits your schedule.

Can I add and remove add-ons as and when I need them?

We understand some businesses as they get larger might want us to take over their payroll, or do some of the bookkeeping themselves, so the add-ons are interchangeable. You just need to give us a month’s notice!

What is included with the support in our packages?

The support can include anything, from a quick query of “how do I do this in Xero?” to mortgage applications, issues with HMRC, and partner buy outs. Some of the tasks that either take much longer or require a lot more work, such as tax inspections, may require a fee but these are all agreed beforehand and only if it’s something outside the scope of our work.

I already have an accountant. Is it easy to switch to you?

It’s very common for our clients to move from other accountant. And we make it so, so easy to switch to us. All you need to do is notify us who your current accountant is and we’ll take it from there. It couldn’t be easier!

Once I've signed up, what happens next?

These are the next steps:

  1. You’ll receive a Next Steps email to confirm your package, payment plan and what’s next
  2. Fill out our online direct debit mandate via GoCardless
  3. We’ll take some details from you via an online form to enable us to speak to HMRC on your behalf.
  4. We’ll need to perform some background ID checks.
  5. We’ll set up your organisation in Xero and work out a plan with you to get you up and running. Normally this mean importing your previous set of accounts, connecting your Bank Account and import of any missing Bank transactions. All in all we would need 30 minutes of your time.
I'm currently using Quickbooks or Sage

We will help you transfer all of your data from your existing platform over to Xero. There are a number of tools that help us do this so that all your data can remain intact and you can pick up on Xero right where you left off!

How do you charge me?

All fees are agreed upfront as part of our standard package’s and collected on a monthly basis via Direct Debit on 1st of each month.

I’m happy to go ahead. What do I do next?

Select one of the packages on our “Accounting” page and fill in your details. We will review and get in touch to book an introduction meeting, or give us a call and we’ll arrange a meeting to run through everything with you. At the meeting we’ll work out what package is best for you, agree any business objective or structural changes and get your Xero implemented.

Put your trust in the Bolton Accountants who’ll help you stay on top of your numbers game.

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