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Accounting For Beautician's & Hairdressers

Eliminate the enemies of red tape, paperwork and tiny profits. Level are straight talking accounting experts working for your salon.

Go From Stylist To Business Owner

We understand that you didn’t become a salon owner so you could spend all your time worrying about tax, cashflow, VAT, company structure and everything else that comes with owning a salon. At a basic level we help you with your year end accountants and tax returns, however, unlike generalist accountants, we help you to plan for your future and grow your salon.

Reduce Paperwork

The first action we take is to move your accounts and record keeping to a digital platform. There are plenty of solutions available for this and it means that not only can you instantly access your financial information no matter where you are, it instantly reduces your costs.

It saves you time, it eliminates the needs to clutter the dash and your office with all of your receipts. Going digital reduces your paperwork, streamlines tax and VAT calculations and submissions, makes bookkeeping a breeze and dramatically reduces your stress.

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Digital record keeping

accountants for beauticians

Spend more time on making your business succeed

Create Accounting Systems for Beautician's & Hairdressers

We understand how your salon works and work with Beautician’s and Hairdressers just like you all over the country. We know how to create systems and processes in your business that will give you more free time to spend with your family or simply relaxing after a hard days graft.

We’ll start with analysing your current business systems and processes and then get you and any employees trained on the new technology. Bookkeeping will become automated and you can spend more time on making your business succeed.

Grow Your Salon Business

Unlike most generalist accountants we want to be involved in your business – and to help you to grow it.

We will work with you to identify business goals, construct a step-by-step plan to follow and have regular meetings with you to measure progress and to make adjustments.

Level Accounting small businesses

We want to help your business grow

Beautician's & Hairdressers Accounting Made Easy

“When we setup the new business we wanted to find a set of Accountants that could provide more value then the normal stuffy accountants. Level really are different. The online accounting system they provide reduces the amount of admin work we need to do. The books are kept up to date automatically and we can see, in real time, if our business is progressing or not. Our year end was by far the easiest I’ve ever been through. Everything had already been done!”

Lisa Henning - Beautiful Ink

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5 Biggest Problems Stopping Beauticians and Hairdressers from having a Profitable Stress-free Business

Level specialise in helping Beauticians and Hairdressers to understand their numbers and maximise their profit and minimise their tax, without the stress!

In this free eBook you will discover:

  • Easy ways to overcome the 5 biggest problems your finances face everyday
  • How to claim expenses and keep more money in your pocket
  • The 4 step formula to getting your tax done right and on time – everytime
  • How find more time in your day for the jobs that matter to you
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